Second Book Announcement

A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs
A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs
Second Book Announcement

This is just to let everyone know that the second volume of the book based on the podcast should be available by the time you get this episode in your podcast app. It’s been a long, long, time coming, because the last year and a bit has been far more difficult, for far more reasons, than I can go into here, but the book is now done. It’s called “From the Million Dollar Quartet to the Fab Four”, and contains versions of the scripts for episodes fifty-one through one hundred, revised for the book format rather than audio, along with a rewritten version of the Patreon episode on the Big Bopper, an introduction summarising the first book, and a bibliography.

The ebook should be available from every major ebook store, though it might take time to filter through to all of them. I’ll be including a link in the blog post for this episode which, if you click it, will take you to your preferred ebook store if the book’s available there.

The paperback is currently only available from Amazon. It should eventually also be available from other retailers, as it will enter all the standard distribution catalogues, but it’s self-published through Amazon’s service, so those of you who boycott Amazon, completely understandably, might not want to buy that version. The ebook link will also take you to the Amazon page for the paperback.

The hardback is available from That too will eventually also be available from other online bookstores, but I make more money, and you get it quicker, if you buy it from Lulu rather than a third party. Again, I’ll link that in the notes here.

The physical books are relatively expensive — twenty-five dollars for the paperback, and fifty dollars for the hardback — but they’re *big* books — six hundred and fifty-three pages counting the indexes — and paper is expensive right now because of supply chain issues, so I hope you’ll consider them good value for money, as they’re literally priced as low as I can make them. If money’s tight, the ebook is only $5.

And speaking of good value for money, for one week only I’ve reduced the cost of the ebook of the first book to just one dollar. That’s a limited-time offer to promote the series, so if you’ve not got that and want it, now’s your chance.

Patreon backers at the five-dollar-a-month level and higher have already received copies of the ebook. Those at higher levels will be receiving their copies of the physical books shortly — they’ll be being sent out in waves over the next few weeks. It’s because of those backers that I am able to do this podcast at all, and I can’t thank them enough for their generosity.See you all in a couple of days, when we’ll be looking at the Byrds, and “Eight Miles High”.


Links to buy the book:

Ebooks (and paperback through Amazon)


Link to buy the first book (only $1 in ebook this week)

The ebook for Patreon backers

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