Monthly Update on Patreon Bonuses

Recently, the main podcast has been fortnightly, but the 10-20-minute Patreon bonuses have been going up even in skip weeks. So every month I’m going to do a quick update on what Patreon backers have received, because I only mention the current bonus episode in the tag of the main episode.

Since the first of November, as well as the main podcast episodes, Patreon backers have received:

A twenty-five minute bonus episode on the Scaffold

A PDF of a little booklet I did with my friend Fraser Geesin, of anecdotes from the podcast with Fraser’s illustrations

A review of a Dylan gig (free for everyone to read, including non-backers)

A twenty-five-minute bonus episode on The Incredible String Band

A twenty-minute bonus episode on The Cowsills

And a twenty-three-minute bonus episode on Moby Grape

The main podcast will *always* remain free, and without adverts, and I am making more than enough money from the Patreon to keep going, and to keep paying Tilt for his work. But there’s been a tiny bit of a downturn in income from it the last month or two, with the general economic situation meaning people don’t have as much free money, so it doesn’t hurt to blow my own trumpet about the extra stuff backers get every now and again.

To be *very* clear, I am making a good income from this, my listeners are extremely generous, and nobody should feel pressured into backing me — I don’t want to take a penny from anyone who can’t afford it, and only sign up if you still have money left *after* paying for your own expenses, donating to any charities you support, helping your friends, and backing more needy artists. But if you do have a dollar a month left over after all that (and many people don’t) I think that list above is probably worth that dollar if you like the podcast.

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