Copyright and Legal Notices

This podcast frequently uses small clips of musical recordings in podcast episodes for educational purposes, purposes of criticism and in order to provide commentary on such clips. In every instance, without exception, we believe this to be protected as fair use in the USA, fair dealing in the UK and EEA, and similar exceptions in other nations’ copyright laws.

No recordings or other forms of copyrighted content are ever used in their entirety. Using no more of the original than necessary, excerpts are edited into long- form narratives, which makes the use transformative in nature. Every episode’s accompanying text also features links to purchase the major recordings excerpted, along with (in almost all cases) links to legal, royalty-paying, streams of the full recordings.

This podcast is an educational resource, one which has no negative effect on the market for the works excerpted, and which indeed increases that market by putting those works into their historical context. Any DMCA notices (or equivalent in other jurisdictions) will be fought vigorously.

All episodes and the accompanying transcripts are copyright 2018-2023 Andrew Hickey.